Your best option to hike the Acatenango

Soy Tours is the main local guide agency for excursions to the Acatenango Volcano and Volcán de Fuego in Antigua Guatemala.

When it comes to climbing the Acatenango, we are proud to say that we are different. We offer a special experience that leaves traces in time.

What are you looking for?

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Conquer the most spectacular volcanoes in Guatemala with a human team that will accompany you at your own pace.

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All our guides have been certified by INGUAT, to guarantee your safety and take care of you at every step.

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Discover the tour that best suits your needs. 1 day, 2 day, night tours, private groups, couples

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When you hike the Acatenango with us, you actively contribute to support our community. Learn more about our work.

Our philosophy is framed by the respect of all those who, like you, dream of reaching the top of the Volcano. We are always ready to complete this adventure with safety and respect for nature.

What our customers says

Joyce Verduyn

Soy Tours Antigua is the best pick to do this! The trekking is hard but they take enough rest, meals are good and the guides know what they are doing. When I got supersick the brought me down in the night because I needed to go down. Down I could take a shower and they gave me bed to sleep in untill the group was back. I am super thankfull that the took care of me so well.

David Angove

My trek with Soy Tours Antigua is one of the best experiences I have ever had. The guides were fantastic, the meals were really tasty and filling. Everything is set up at base camp by the time you get there, so you don’t need to worry about that. I’m super unfit but I did it, and the views of Fuego erupting and the sunrise from the summit of Acatenango made it 100% worth it.

Dale Drake

Go with Soy Tours Antigua, it was the most incredible experience of my travels to date. The guides were amazing and organized, our tents to be set up by the time we reached base camp (a real benefit not having to carry tents) as it is a tough hike, but the views are more than worth it! Everything was really well organized from start to finish and I couldn’t recommend him more. The money also goes back to advancing the community.

“Once you start it, the trip never ends, it is repeated again and again in silent rooms. The mind can never disconnect from the journey.”

“In twenty years you will be more disappointed by the things you did not do than by the ones you did. So untie the ropes and sail away from the harbor. Catch the wind with your candles. Explore, Dream, Discover.”

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